Brendhan Stowe Inspires the Youth as He Speaks

For nearly five years now, Brendhan Stowe has carved for himself a name in the real estate industry as one of the most formidable personalities to reckon as well as admire. Furthermore, he has parlayed his inspiring story and success into something that helped every individual. He is an in-demand speaker in various events and despite his busy schedule, he still finds time to accept speaking engagements because it is, he believe is one way of paying back what gift he has received from above.

“I believe sharing my talents is one way of appreciating this life. I didn’t have this all by myself and I know this, too shall come to pass,” he said once when speaking during a press conference. “So with all my might, I plan to share as much as I have to help others become better people.”

Recently, Brendhan Stowe was invited to speak before the students of a local high school. As usual, he has given another tour-de-force speech that left his listeners inspired and at their best.

“Even though you are young, you are not helpless,” he says. “But, you are the hope of this generation. You are not miserable and you should never feel that way because you have all the chances and capacity to prove your strength. You have what it takes to change this world. You have all the potentials. You have skills and strengths. Don’t dwell on your weakness or your sorrow. Or the insults you take from others. Or the hardships in life. But, be the best that you can. Let what you have help you become a better person. Use it to shape your life. Use your adversity not as an obstruction but as a challenge for you to become a better person.”

“When I was young, I had nothing. But that didn’t disappoint me. I strived hard. I worked hard, just like any other person, just like any other poor high school student who wants to achieve something in life. It is something that I am proud of. I have never stolen a thing or tricked someone just to reach this success that I have right now. I am proud that what I have right now is a product of my hard work of my sacrifices, of my faith with God and on myself, and with the inspiration that my mom, sister, and this life has given me.”


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